Destructive and Non-destructive testing

Tehnoinspect engineers have a high experience in Destructive and Non-destructive testing. We offer a vast range of methods of testing from MP ,PT , UT to VT . Contact us and we can find together the best solution for your need

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Industrial Manufacturing Inspection

From certified inspection services for vendors and operators, to independent inspection services based on customer requirements, we provide assurance that assets and products meet specified requirements.

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Vendor assessment and technical audit

Vendor assessment and technical audit services from TEHNOINSPECT – assess the ability of your vendor or supplier to deliver your orders and ensure regulatory compliance. Why use vendor assessment and technical audit services from TEHNOINSPECT?

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Engineering and design

At Tehnoinspect you can always find the best engineers for designing your project . We are experts on basic and detailed design for tank-type pressure vessels, heat exchangers, columns, reactors.

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Supplier monitoring from TEHNOINSPECT – keep your project on schedule through effective supplier evaluation and performance monitoring to ensure that materials, products and equipment are delivered on time. Why choose supplier monitoring from TEHNOINSPECT?

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TEHNOINSPECT will help you make successful business.

Industrial Manufacturing Inspection

With professional inspection services we can support you in mitigating the risks you face at every point in the manufacturing process.

Product Inspection and Certification

With our deep experience and national presence, TEHNOINSPECT helps companies large and small sell their products in existing and new markets.

Technical Consulting

TEHNOINSPECT executes with competent and highly experienced people consulting in ISO 9000 , ISO 14000 , ISO 18000 or ASME standards.

Non-destructive testing

From MT, PT, RT to VT examination methods TEHNOINSPECT has a wide array of accreditations to help with the Non-destructive testing you need.

Engineering and design

TEHNOINSPECT can help you with detailed design for tank-type pressure vessels, heat exchangers, columns and reactors.

Vendor Site Inspections

We provide vendor site inspection services worldwide within the upstream, downstream, power, marine and manufacturing sectors.


  • RINA
  • ARMCO-Certifications-Inspectors
  • Institute-Of-Corrosion